June 24, 2021
websites to watch anime

Free Anime Websites to Watch Anime

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Hello, Alysers

I am excited to share with you today 10 websites to watch anime free and paid, I keep getting asked this question a lot where to watch and what to watch so decided to share with you a guide on where to watch!! Also, don’t forget to comment and share as this helps to spread my blog.

I have exciting news and I can’t wait to share with you all very soon my future plans in 2021.

So let’s begin

10 Anime Websites to Watch Anime

The popularity of anime is growing every year. An increasing number of people are discovering this amazing fusion of fairy tales, art, music, and animation. Still, many people don’t want to spend regularly on Japanese animated films, and streaming services dedicated to anime cost money.

There are 10 free websites to watch anime. Each of them has its own advantages, so it makes sense not to dwell on one, but to get acquainted with all. With a little research, you should be able to watch the best anime without paying a dime.

1. GoGoAnime

GoGoAnime is one of my favorites sites to watch anime on its easy and clearly has the latest animes there all time. I have been using it for a while and fully recommend it to anyone who wants to watch the latest anime.

2. Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll is a legal streaming service that specializes in streaming anime. You can watch the video without even registering and without creating a profile on the site. If you register an account on the service, you can track your browsing history and queue up movies and shows for later viewing. The service also has an iOS and Android app that lets you watch anime on your phone.

Besides the basic free version, Crunchyroll also offers several paid packages. The site contains an excellent collection of videos from the genres of shonen (anime, light novel, and manga for boys 12-18 years old), shojo (manga and anime for girls 12-18 years old), and seinen (manga and anime for men over 18 years old).

3. Funimation


Funimation competes with Crunchyroll. Many fans of the genre are well aware of this resource, on which new seasons of the Dragon Ball Z series and other exclusive anime appeared shortly after filming ended. If you haven’t found something new on Crunchyroll, chances are you’ll find it on Funimation.

Like Crunchyroll, Funimation has Android and iOS apps, and both versions allow you to watch anime streaming videos. The functionality is similar, but there are even more settings.

4. 9Anime


9Anime site is also another free streaming site and one of my favs to starts with its has a lot of anime collections that you cant find everywhere. 

5. Anime-planet

Over 45,000 episodes can be viewed on the Anime-Planet website. Before you start watching, the service will inform you that the streaming video demonstration is completely legal. Anime-Planet doesn’t have a collection of its own. The content provider is the Crunchyroll service described above.

Anime-Planet also has a unique advantage over the “parent” resource. The service focuses on recommending users. It is more of an informational site where video streaming acts as a bonus. When you search for any movie or show by name, you will be shown not only what you are looking for, but also other recommended anime. It is because of this “trick” that it makes sense to look for videos on Anime-Planet, and not on the “parent” Crunchyroll.


If Crunchyroll and Funimation offer a huge selection of anime and bet on quantity, then HIDIVE takes others. On this service, in a separate section, small free excerpts from full-length animated films are grouped. Like the Crunchyroll Collection YouTube channel.

You will see a section with free episodes as soon as you visit the site. In each series presented in this section, you can watch the first episode for free. All episodes are divided into categories: anime with subtitles, dubbing, or new episodes.

7. AnimeFreak


AnimeFreak is another good site also worth visiting if you want to watch more and more anime on site definitely a good one.

8. Anime Lab

Anime Lab is a newly discovered anime site for me and it technically is worth it because it has a similar idea as GoGoAnime.

9. Anime Take

Is also a good anime site with a bunch of easy features to watch more and more animes.

10. Youtube


Finding anime on YouTube is not easy, but it is there. All of the major streaming services have their own channels, but not all of them have free videos.

Funimation uploads the entire series to YouTube in SD quality (720 x 576 resolution), with subtitles or dubbed. You can find them in the channel’s playlists. The second Crunchyroll channel offers clips and snippets.

What sites have you used before that I didn’t list would love to hear your thoughts on this? 

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Thanks a lot for sharing so many sites with your followers 😉 Grateful for it!!🙏😁❤️


Arigatou. 👀✨

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