Top korean actors that are in hollywood

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Let’s be honest here. we all love kdrama after seeing the phenomenal interest on kdarma worldwide we all wonder who are the famous korean actors that are now in hollywood movies.

So let’s begin this and here we go wanna hear more about then lets do this.

Bae Doona

Before we knew her as seo- bi in netflix kingdom (2019) she started in hollywood deput back in 2013 with famous sci fi film clould Atlas alongside the lovelist tom hanks and beautiful halle berry.  this made her extra popular she even got chance to be louis vuitton ambassdor, she also did in quite number of shows and films like jupiter ascending (2015) sense8 (2015) and more 

claudia kim

claudia kim really started in many blockbusters in hollywood, where you might know from avangers ageof ultron (2015) as dr helen cho, the genetist who tasked to help out avengers. aside from that role though, she also starred in fantastic beats: the crime of grinderlwald (2018) as nagini


Rain is kpop sensation, but he also did couple of acting gigs that eventually got him his hollywood debut.  In 2008 he was casted for his first hollywood action film, playing as rookie racer taejo togokahn in speed racer. The following year, he landed role of raizen in ninja assain (2009)

Lee byung hun

An actor who is incredible, Lee byung hun rose to fame for his recurring appearances in the Gi joe movie franchise with his role as storm shadow. before that, the actor was already gaining recognition with his roles in the good, the bad, and the weird (2008)

and red 2 (2013). he also became the first south korean actor to a be presenster in the 88th academy awards, he was also one of the first asian actors to have his handprint imprinted at the iconic grauman’s chinese theaters in hollywood

Jun Ji hyun

with over incredible 20 years experience as an actress,  Jun Ji hyun became a household name in south korea. she starred in several popular south korean rom coms and daramas, making her popular for more interntaional fame! some of her more popular work are my sassy girl (2001), legend of blue sea (2016) and kindgdom (2019). on top of her kdarama works she also started in movie called horror film  blood: the last vampire back in 2009 .  This film was considered as her big break into western film scene and even gave birth to her westernized name, gianna jun.

Fun fact: she even worked with Hugh Jackman and even shared her first on screen kiss with him

 Lee Chae Rin

Also known as CL, Lee Chae Rin started out as a singer and rapper in the girl group 2NE1. Upon pursuing her own solo music career, she became the first Korean female solo artist to earn a spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 music chart. Aside from her singing career though, she’s also played a role in the film Mile 22 as Queen, co-starring and produced by Academy Award winner Mark Wahlberg

Kang Dong Won

Kang dong won who is an incredible actor from bieng a zombie fighting solider who starred as jung- suk in train busan (2016) and peninsula (2020). Last. 2017, he was also confirmed to make a hollywood deput as surfer in the upcoming movie tsunami la – a disaster action movie which, as the title suggets its about tidal wave ripping havoc in los angeles.  Due to pandemic it was halted

Daniel henney

While Daniel Henney has been in a few Hollywood movies, he might be more recognizable for appearing in U.S. procedurals such as “Hawaii Five-O” and “NCIS: Los Angeles.” He became a series regular for “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” as one of its agents/profilers, and when that ended, he transitioned over to the mothership series and stayed with it until the end of its run

lee jon gee

South Korean actor and singer Lee Joon Gi made his Hollywood debut in the final installment of the Resident Evil series ‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’. He played the character of Commander Chu and was highly appreciated by his co-actors for his acting and martial arts.

kee hong lee

Korean-American actor Ki Hong Lee made his full-length debut in a two-part film adaptation of Yellowface. He is famous for his character ‘Minho’ in ‘Maze Runner film series’, American dystopian science fiction action thriller film which was also his feature film debut.

Ki Hong Lee also appeared in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. He has also starred in many other American films and TV series and also a number of short films.

Not only these but there are a number of other South Korean celebrities who worked hard got their chance to work in Hollywood movies and there are many more who are about to debut soon.

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