June 24, 2021

Top 6 short animes !

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hi everyone i am excited to share with you all my top 6 short anime to watch and to be honest we all need short animes why i feel like its needed when we are long trip or maybe we can watch longs ones and we need breaks in between.

N1 Darwin game 

Darwin game is really a fav anime of mine its short its action and amazing to watch if your looking for quick and interesting episodes to watch. 

Episodes: 11 


N 2. Death parade

is a really good anime with 12 episodes its short and bit dark to be honest animes like these are worth a watch why i feel if you need small but you just want some freaky stuff then your up for this and go ahead and watch it 

N3 Charlotte

charlotte starts with two sections pre and above one is just fun highschool and second one would be action packed with  weapons that wont exist.

 Charlotte has 13 episodes in total plus a 1-episode special. So in a matter of hours you can see what I’m talking about

N4 Elfen Lied

Elfen lied is one of these animes that until this day it hold such a great time with how its created in 2004 yes it has many gore part and such a great anime.

only 13 episodes 

N5 Grand Blue

If you love a comedy and love to watch short anime then this for you it will blow your mind how funny this is. 

its fun ultimate about group of guys who laugh and get drunk a real life mixed with comedy  in just 12 episodes it will make you laugh 

N6 The Devil as a Part-Timer

Its funnny it’s hilarious its wired and why not watch a devil flipping burgers i mean the action part the funny part all amazing anime worth a watch to laugh your day out seriously i cant stop laughing thinking about it lol 

Thank you all for taking to read this i hope you enjoy it 

dont forget to comment below 

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U r a life saver for me…the point where m bored the most n out of animes to watch…u give me a list of entertainment…u r the best…


Charlotte is amazing. It just takes whole 180° turn in end. Also thanks for the rest of suggestions 💖✨


I don’t know any of them, they all look fun and great, thanks for sharing !! 😁

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