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Top 10 Incredible Anime Heroines

Hello, Alysers, I am excited to share with you the Top 10 Incredible Anime Heroines. Once again, I have saved your time and have compiled for you a list of 10 Incredible Anime Heroines. The list of Incredible Anime Heroines includes the best works that are as similar as possible in terms of vampires, werewolves, cyborgs, warriors, pirates, bounty hunters, princesses, snipers, criminals rebels, and mistresses of life and death. If you disagree with any of the positions and think that some Anime Heroines does not look like the original, then do not hesitate to share your opinion in the comments below. We always listen to our readers.

Top 10 Incredible Anime Heroines

1. Tsubasa Hanekawa

Tsubasa Hanekawa

Who is she? Obsessed with Bakeneko – a werewolf-spirit cat from Japanese folklore – schoolgirl Tsubasa Hanekawa.

Abilities: When a girl takes the form of Bakeneko, her hair is dyed white, cat ears and a tail appear. Movements become inhumanly dexterous, and speech is replete with “babbling”. Better not to know what happens when she uses her claws!

Details: Over time, Tsubasa manages to cope with her feline perfume, and her hair remains half white forever.

Watch: Ghost Story (2009 – 2013)

2. Yoko

Who is she? A sexy sniper (she’s wearing only a black and fiery swimsuit and short black shorts – extra clothes bother her), who from the very beginning supports the main characters of the series – Simon and Kamina – in their unyielding desire to protect humanity. Since Gurren Lagann has an extremely confusing setting, we will not go into details about who they are protecting it from.

Abilities: Armed with a rifle that can fire both conventional bullets and arrows.

Details: Throughout the series, Yoko acts as the voice of reason for the rest of the characters. She does not like violence, but if her friends are in danger, she is ready to chop her enemies into the cabbage. After the war, she becomes a school teacher (and we envy her students).

Watch: Gurren Lagann (2007)

3. Re-l Mayer

Re-l Mayer

Who is she? A princess and a cop who combines the profession of a bureau inspector with the status of the regent’s daughter in a perfect domed city in the middle of a lifeless desert. Although the myth of her lifelessness, Re-l Mayer will have to be dispelled after escaping from her golden cage. True, Riel herself looks like a songbird less than her visual prototype – the lead singer of the Evanescence group Amy Lee. The main character of “Ergo Proxy” is rude, arrogant, arrogant, moreover, a complete egocentric. She does not put in anything not only local androids-autosaves but also living people, regardless of their status. She is driven by fanatical curiosity – and the desire to do everything in spite of.

Abilities: Re-l is agile and dexterous, well-versed in difficult situations. In this, she is helped by a compact shotgun and loyal friends who can always be urged on. Well, and from her nasty character (just like Princess Bean from the animated series “Disappointment” ), some literally explode their heads.

Details: Like Ergo Proxy itself, Re-l is prickly, complex, and unyielding. Sometimes it seems that in their case a huge iceberg is hidden from their eyes, sometimes it is just a soap bubble. But the main advantage of anime and girls is that they do not seek to please anyone. This can both repel and fall in love with yourself once and for all.

Watch: Ergo Proxy (2006)

4. Faye Valentine

Faye Valentine

Who is she? The heroine of a space western, whose name is the same as one famous porn model. A member of the crew of the Bebop, a bounty hunter similar to the Firefly.

Abilities: Faye is an inveterate gambler (officially suffering from gambling addiction), selfish, arrogant, and mean devil. She uses her attractiveness and does not trust anyone.

Details: The reasons for this disgusting nature must be sought in the past: Valentine really was not very happy with it. After a catastrophe on Earth, she was frozen in suspended animation, revived many years later, and then framed by fraudsters for a round sum. Over time, however, Faye became attached to the Bebop crew and admitted that this place was her only home.

Watch: Cowboy Bebop (1998 – 1999)

5. Michiko Malandro

Michiko Malandro

Who is she? A girl in which Japanese kawaii is multiplied by Brazilian sexuality. At the very beginning of the series, he escapes from prison, robs a bank, and then with an orphan-Cinderella named Hana “Hattin” Morenos goes in search of her father, whom Michiko once knew. Their path lies through dangerous and depraved favelas, noisy markets, and the sultry South American desert, under the scorching sun of which the friendship of a woman and a girl is born, to whom the world turned out to be equally cruel.

Abilities: Dexterous with a machine gun.

Details: Michiko is not bad, she was just drawn like this – loose and with an inner break. So when you meet, in no case call her baby.

Watch: Michiko & Hatchin (2008 – 2009)

6. Revy


Who is she? Chinese woman of American descent with a tattoo on her right shoulder. Almost always dressed in short shorts and jungle boots. Revy (short for Rebbeki) lost her parents early, went to prison, where she was abused, and fled the United States to Roanapura, a fictional city in Thailand, where she became a fighter for Laguna, a company that delivered illegal goods in the seas of Southeast Asia.

Abilities: For the ability to shoot in Macedonian (that is, with two hands) she received the nickname Two-handed. Her favorite weapons are two modified Beretta 92 pistols, which she calls the Sword Cutlass after the pirate boarding saber. Also great with all types of firearms: submachine guns, assault and sniper rifles, grenade launchers.

Details: He does not believe in God, drinks a lot, smokes, with sophisticated cynicism, he goes all out. Simply put, she behaves like a real pirate.

Watch: Black Lagoon Pirates (2006-2013)

7. Kagero


Who is she? A female ninja from the Koga clan, who meets on the way of the wandering samurai Jubei Kibagami, copied from the legendary Yagyu Jubei Mitsuyoshi, master of kenjutsu (the art of swordsmanship) and ninjutsu (the art of stealth) of the Tokugawa shogunate era. Together they confront the Eight Demons of Kimon.

Abilities: When one of these demons attempts to rape Kagero, her body is found to be saturated with a deadly poison. So the spawn of darkness will bitterly regret their plans.

Details: Despite the fact that Kagero simply radiates danger, she has a quivering and tender heart, just because of the ferocity of those times (people were then pierced through and through), it was tempered in countless battles. Also, this heroine appears in the historical Anime Heroines “Basilisk”.

Watch: Ninja Scripture (1993), Basilisk (2005)

8. Misa Amane

Misa Amane

Who is she? Model, actress, TV presenter, faithful henchman of the protagonist Light Yagami, mistress of life and death. The last skill came to her from a tame shinigami named Rem and the notorious death note. The defiant beauty and image of a rock diva ensured her wild popularity among the male population of Japan (both in Anime Heroines and in life). Bright, sexy, funny, impulsive – she is nevertheless devoted to her beloved boyfriend, supports him in everything, and even shares his hobby.

Abilities: In addition to her ability to kill everyone she knows in person, Misa also has Shinigami eyes. This allows her to see the name and date of death of any person. But the price for such a great gift is high – half of the measured life. However, for the sake of her beloved, the girl is ready to pay her without hesitation.

Details: At the same time, Light himself treats the girl coldly, if not cruelly. He uses her whenever he can, but what else can we expect from such a calculating person? However, Misa herself is ready to endure this, as long as Light does not cheat on her with other women – by her own admission, she will kill them mercilessly. True, in a fictional, extremely Westernized film, this heroine has a slightly different image and a different name – Mia Sutton.

Watch: Death Note (2006-2007)

9. Seras Victoria

Seras Victoria

Who is she? London police. It was initiated by the ancient bloodsucker Alucard (read: Dracula vice versa) after the massacre in the village of Chedars. Later she became an operative of the “Hellsing” organization – the Royal Order of Protestant Knights, which protects Britain from all undead, even though there is no end to it on the island.

Abilities: In addition to her irresistible appearance, the diminutive girl is armed with a huge 30-mm Harkonnen rifle, with which she can tear ghouls and other evil spirits to pieces.

Details: Of the two adaptations of the Hellsing manga, we still prefer the first. The anime series may not be as congenial to the original as OVA Ultimate, but the on-screen chemistry between Victoria and Alucard deserves five points.

Watch: “Hellsing” (2001 – 2002) , “Hellsing Ultimate” (2006 – 2012)

10. Motoko Kusanagi

Motoko Kusanagi

Who is she? Motoko Kusanagi, aka Meige (short for Major, Major) is the head of the Ninth Division, the Japanese police’s special forces to combat cyberterrorists (a good half of whom eventually become either her friends or part of her consciousness). Her perfect body is the development of the latest military technologies (as usual, she will not pay the mortgage for it until the end of her days). At the same time, she wears it with the carelessness of a trendsetter of secular fashion. Motoko embodies the ideal image of a strong woman – and at the same time combines overt sexuality with the punchy equanimity of a walking tank.

Abilities: The perfect machine for solving the most difficult tactical tasks. Able to beat everything that moves, and hack everything that picks, without leaving the invisibility mode.

Details: Motoko has appeared on the screen five times, including in a Hollywood fiction film, where she was played by Scarlett Johansson, despite the fact that the purists were against it. However, it is better to start your acquaintance with Major with the classic cyberpunk Mamoru Oshii. Here, the girl literally works to break.

Watch: Ghost in the Shell (1995), Ghost in the Shell: Innocence (2004), Ghost in the Shell: Loner Syndrome (2002–2005), Ghost in the Shell: The Origins (2013–2015)


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