Tokyo revengers review: Is it worth the hype?

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Tokyo revengers is a new show on Netflix that has been getting rave reviews all over social media. You can tell just by scrolling through Instagram or Twitter that people are in love with it! But does the hype live up to what they’re saying? Here’s our review of Tokyo Revengers and whether you should watch it, too.

What is Tokyo revengers anime about

Tokyo Revengers ia a new show on Netflix that has been getting rave reviews all over social media. You can tell just by scrolling through Instagram or Twitter that people are in love with it! But does the hype live up to what they’re saying?

The storyline-The storyline is about a group of people who are brought together to fight an evil corporation that has taken over their city. The characters are all very likable and the action is intense.


There are a lot of characters in this movie. It’s no wonder why the viewer feels overwhelmed at times! The good thing is, most of them have their own story arc so you get to learn more about them throughout the film. Some highlights include but are not limited to:

The yakuza bosses who welcome him

My thoughts on the show so far

Its amazing but it isnt worth the hype. There are a lot of people who were disappointed by the show and I can see why. The first few episodes were not as good as some other animes that have been out recently such as Goblin Slayer or Gintama maybe even Re:Creators. However those shows dont have nearly as much action in them so they cant be compared to Tokyo revengers which has just tons of fighting, explosions, mechas and more fighting! No one seems to mention how awesome the graphics look, everything looks great from character designs right down to backgrounds its all stunningly beautiful ive never seen anime with this level of detail before so im very impressed with Madhouse for creating this masterpiece

First impressions of the show

OK, so first of all I feel like the show is overhyped and this made me a little disappointed about it. Don’t get me wrong, there are some great things related to it but the ones that you have seen in trailers are just too much exaggerated based on what’s actually happening here.

It feels more or less linear story with few twists here and there which might be fun for people who haven’t watched many anime before just because they don’t know how repetitive most shows can be at times.

The designs look nice although sometimes poorly animated especially when there are explosions going around everywhere – just looks kind of funny than cool/action-packed

7a) Positive aspects of the show 

It is a good show for those who are looking to watch something with their significant others. It is very lighthearted and romantic, as the primary focus of the season was getting Takeda’s crush Akane to fall in love with him. The conflict that they face together makes them even closer which leads into two people becoming one, or “fuse” as it’s called. This creates a bond between characters and allows more room for growth after they resolve issues together. There were some unnecessary fan service scenes but overall it wasn’t enough to point out as an issue unless you don’t like anime girls at all (which we do).

7b) Negative aspects of the show

The main issue that many people seem to have with Tokyo Revengers is the pacing. The first few episodes are very slow and it takes a while for the story to pick up. Because of this, some viewers lost interest and stopped watching. Additionally, there were quite a few cheesy scenes which took away from the overall impact of the show. Lastly, Akane’s character development could use some work as she doesn’t seem to change much throughout the season.

8) Final verdict on this series and my rating for it out of 10 stars would be 7

It would be a solid seven. For those who are looking for something lighthearted and romantic, I definitely recommend it as the show does a good job of portraying that. However, if you’re looking to watch an action driven anime then this might not be your best choice as there is little fighting throughout the series. The first few episodes were slow but once things picked up at least 50% of the way through they became enjoyable to watch again. There were some unnecessary fan service scenes which took away from what could have been more memorable moments in certain episodes where characters should have been focusing on other aspects rather than just how pretty each girl looked while wearing their gi’s. Lastly, Akane’s character development wasn’t very impressive either.

In conclusion, Tokyo Revengers has its share of good and bad aspects but is ultimately worth watching if you have time on your hands. It may not be an instant classic but it does have potential to grow into one in future seasons. So far, we give

The hype around Tokyo Revengers is real. But does it live up to the social media reviews? We’ve done our best to provide you with a complete review so that you can decide for yourself whether this series deserves your time and attention. Subscribe below if you want more content like this!


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