June 24, 2021
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Secret Tips to Grow an Instagram Page

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Hi Alysers, I have been asked a lot how to grow and even asked in my story if anyone would be interested in doing this decided to give you some insights.

Hi I have been asked a lot how should I grow or what should I do in my story I asked in a poll if anyone would 

On Sunday 6 December 2020 @7pm I currently have 15.8k and over 300 in my discord at this moment. My main page on Instagram is AlyWorlds.

How did I grow?

Well in just easy steps I will teach you!!

  • I used hashtags 
  • I used sponsored posts
  • I had my work cut. Out for me 
  • lots of research 

Do you have to pay to grow

No there is an easy way to do this which is a hashtag and comments sharing and replying to comments

  • Identifying your audience 
  • learning what they like and don’t like 
  • create for your audience but have a passion for doing it yourself 
  • Always plan your day your hashtag your posts

What are the steps:

Comfortable well first of before starting an Instagram sit on your own with a piece of paper and see what your plan and goal always write as it helps a lot. Most important remember and ask these simple questions: that if you don’t have the passion can you do this? Well, you work hard? well you able to write posts like these for your audience. Do you only think you will get sponsored today when you don’t try hard? 

After doing this for two years now, I can tell you that there were many changes of what I did and I used to think from only posting a meme to posting suggestions to doing blog posts, and now manga and I still have a time where I go oh god do I have to do this. 

Creating an anime instagram\blog is not an easy step it’s work, and it is hard but it’s fun I took a long time to watch YouTubers that teach how to grow but I had to some experiments myself. 


From my experience: 

I noticed everyone would say a comment like save use hashtag ok so I commented and why is nothing working that’s wired tried again nothing is working then after looking at my insights which I am going to share now is how it started and why:

As you can see sometimes post can have a good day, and sometimes they are the worst, I would if you work hard to use the perfect hashtag to follow the specific strategy then you will succeed.

What is the strategy I use!

  • Comment 
  • Share stories 
  • work on my hashtag 
  • schedule ahead

The first step: I used and always used is going to other pages and comment and reply to their questions if someone from their follower asked for example what anime is this I take 5 minutes of my day explaining this, and I usually get followers from it. 

The second part: is going into posts commenting about posts and chatting ( Instagram wants you to communicate so that means you should. 

Third part: I share stories as much I can find four stories when I get up and 3 in the afternoon and four before. I sleep once every asks me question polls and memes the more the engaged your audience is the more support you will get.

Replying to dm is essential communication is key


I use the hashtag and easy to understand: 

To explain hashtag problem if not used correctly and changed then you don’t get reach you don’t get into explore page quickly that doesn’t get. 

If you use #anime, for example, you won’t be able to reach anything at all. Still, if you search #animeisamazing, you might find it you have to see what reach are you in, and that does depend on followers you have to so lesser than 10k should be 200 reaches and or less your looking for precisely 200 reaches to start. But using #sliceoflife in a post that has nothing to do with that is not good. That won’t be helping you to reach anything at all.

Hashtag simple steps

  • Use low hashtag reach depending on your following and audience 
  • always change hashtag 
  • always think ahead before posting

small tip: Use a business profile or creator profile to check insights 

Use an Instagram free tool 

Use the Facebook creator tool which is free and schedules your post ahead after using many paid schedules I would say this is free and you can prepare ahead.

As a blogger, I always try to schedule my Instagram post ahead for a whole month so I can be free more on creating projects and content and more free time in my world and not get worried about that.

When to post:

For me, I post twice blog posts announcements

One fact and one fun question I would be posting about five a week. It depends on what you want for the blog, so I always suggest twice or three times a week 

Posting daily can be annoying to followers beacuse seeing it every day in your feed. Would either let you get unfollowers, or no one cares about it.

Why do you loose follower and what can you do change it:

I know its annoying to lose them I feel you but sometimes losing followers are a normal part of blogging and Instagram they are something that I felt for years but moving on is hard and carry on is harder you get used to a certain person liking your photos but they suddenly stopped and then you checked they unfollowed or they blocked you with no reasonable explanation but you gotta move on.


The algorism is also being the bad guy but trust me it is not algorithm wants you to stay on Instagram they want you to make your followers stay on the platform so you keep sharing and showing that you can stay there. By commenting sharing saving and posting. Only way to not lose followers:

  • Share posts at least 3 times a week
  • share stories
  • comment and reply to dm

What you should not do (Instagram etiquette)

  • Dont go posting sneaky comments in pages and say follow me
  • Dont ask to be folllowed back in dm
  • Dont go not replying to comments
  • reply to dm as much as you can
  • dont do follow for follow
  • dont buy followers
  • dont show of to your audience

What you should do Instagram

  • Be kind
  • comment and reply
  • follow only which pages you enjoy
  • dont lie
  • share your life but with viligance

My secret tip 

Is that I make sure to write captions ahead this helps to be more creative and quicker when producing more exciting posts. 

so for example: 

a meme page follow my page join my discord or haha what do you think?

But I would go full in explaining how are you and chat with the audience I feel connecting with your audience. 

Asking questions and communicating with them helps to create a support a fan. So instead of saying a question, make a statement let them get to you know what you like and dislike.

Let us say about me ( most of you would know my favourite coffee is Starbucks I keep sharing it a lot) I believe that sharing your life within your community and anime helps make you connect with them. Sharing a bit of your life doesn’t hurt

I feel it’s essential to do that and share it. Because anime blogger 

In my opinion

I feel that finding your passion is by testing youre bounderies just beacuse you love certain sport doesnt mean you aren cacable of handling the page it is sometimes diffcult to read what your audience wants and what you want. Dont go overboard and follow what your audience wants if you need to expirement beacuse expirement is the key to learning more and more stuff no matter how hard is it to understand its not easy subject. The more you grow the more hard your responsibility beacames from writing blog posts every week twice to making sure that your fans is happy. It is okay and fine to loose followers and its okay to make mistakes as you go and follow rules above. Learn and expirement

Thank you for everyone reading this

what are your thoughts?

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