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Professor Orlando for the sake of his beloved wife Molly was ready to go to great lengths. When she began to lose her sight, the professor created a typewriter. Much later, auto-memory dolls began to be called girls, whose profession began to write letters. And connect people with the help of these letters. After all, not everyone could correctly express their thoughts and convey feelings to another, and the dolls helped them in this. Violet Evergarden, a girl scorched by war. Learns to be an auto-memory doll and at the same time seeks meaning in a new, peaceful life.

Best Review on “Violet Evergarden” 2021

The world is a huge, complex, and often incomprehensible structure. The more we recognize it. The more we are amazed by its immensity and the realization of how much more unknown is hidden behind the horizon of our understanding. War and peace, good and evil, light and darkness, meetings and partings. In fact, one cannot exist without the other. Because these concepts repel each other and, thus, acquire clear outlines and associations.


Even understanding this fact often does not make it less sad and insignificant. Man is no longer in our life. We can be separated from him by an insurmountable barrier of distance, time, existence itself. Unspoken words, unexpressed feelings rage inside us and we cannot cope with them. They demand to be manifested, arrange a hurricane in the soul until we give the right to break out of this hurricane.

Everyone may have their own way. But Violet Evergarden offers a beautiful, clear, and time-tested way to write unexpressed feelings that rage inside us and we cannot cope with them. They demand to be manifested, arrange a hurricane in the soul until we give the right to break out of this hurricane. And if we do not have the opportunity to convey to a person everything that has accumulated in our souls. It is necessary to do this at least with his image inside us. And in order to give weight to this act. You need to embody it in something real, in contact with the matter of this world.

Farewell Letter

Farewell Letter

Needless to say, the last year has been difficult for many of us. The film market was no exception to this, in particular, the rental of anime. Which, although it has become quite firmly entrenched in our country over the past few years. Still has not accumulated such a margin of safety as the Hollywood cinema, which has already become a popular fun. But still, Violet Evergarden. The film even in Japan, postponed from April to September last year, finally reached us in April of this year. I, like other fans of this universe, have been patiently waiting for him since December.

Enough time to have time to forget about the events of the series and the first film. And even lose the emotional connection with their characters. Nevertheless, this did not happen either with the characters of the second plan, much less with the characters of the first one. Surprisingly even all the private fragments of the narrative from the series mentioned in this film appeared before my eyes as if no more than a year had passed. Since my acquaintance with this story, and hardly a week had passed.

The story of a young girl who went through the war, leaving wounds both on her body and in her soul. A girl who learns to feel those around her and herself, working in a special department at the post office, helps to express their feelings for dear people, taking completely different, but invariably touching orders. By the way, it is with the characters directly related to one of Violet’s past orders that this film begins. Which left wounds both on her body and in her soul.

Daisy Magnolia is in deep confusion. She has not yet come to terms with the loss of her grandmother and expresses her frustration in her own way – by lashing out at her mother. Believing that she could devote more time to her grandmother, and not go headlong into work. Daisy’s parents are hurt by their daughter’s cruelty, but they fail to prove to her the injustice of her judgments. Perhaps this misunderstanding could become one of the cracks in family relations. But Daisy notices an old box in her grandmother’s things, in which she finds many letters. Parents tell her that her grandmother received all these letters from her great-grandmother, and a self-writing doll took part in their writing.

Gurren Lagann

She decides to spend some time at her grandmother’s house while her parents leave on business. Delving deep into the lines written a long time ago on paper that has darkened with time. She is struck by the sensuality and depth of the messages. Suddenly the wind blows in and tears off one of the leaves and carries it up. Enchanted by a flying letter from the past. Daisy decides to follow his historical trail and find out who this most mysterious doll was and what became of it. Knowing the mail address, she goes to Leiden, keeping in her head the name of the author of the letters Violet.

To be honest, I don’t like the retrospective approach. I don’t know exactly why maybe because of the aura of predetermination or fatalism of what has already been accomplished. Making it impossible to dream about what will await the beloved heroes ahead. In fact, it comes out already “behind”. In any case, that was one of the reasons why I did not like the ending of “Gurren Lagann” and that made me feel a little tense when watching “Actress of the Millennium.” So to see a similar reception in “Violet Evergarden” I was also not very much to my liking.

This allows you to achieve a more smoothly developing tempo of the drama from the perspective of the characters themselves, and not just the audience. But, however, this, I will say in advance, was, perhaps, my most significant claim to the picture, and even then rather at the level of my own preferences. I understand this perfectly and therefore I say openly, Violet Evergarden. The film is a wonderful picture that should certainly be seen by everyone who is not alien to an ardent, piercing drama.


violet evergarden movie

All this may seem to you like a flood of criticism, but in reality, it is only internal throwing. Violet Evergarden deserves the top five. This anime went to her stubbornly and for quite some time, over and over again proving its commitment to high-quality standards and approved ideals. Like the original series, this picture is beautiful in every way. In the drawing and soundtrack. In the conveyed feelings and sensitivity of understanding the human soul. In the thrill of the reactions of all significant characters in general. And Violet herself in particular.

I do not know if we will see the adaptation of the rest of the stories, which are still only on paper. But even if not “Violet Evergarden. The film” is a worthy ending to the story of a girl who was once only a murder weapon who knew no mercy. But since then has changed a lot and has become a reality. A sensual person who finally resolved her main internal conflict. The film touches me myself and proves that my heart has not yet hardened. I am still capable of deep feelings and quivering feelings. And for that, I am grateful to him.


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