June 24, 2021
JoJo Stone Ocean

Interesting Fact | Release Date and Plot of JoJo Season 6 – Stone Ocean

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The sixth season of the worldwide popular anime “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” was recently announced. Based on the manga of the same name, published in 1987. The television series was launched in 2012: a new season every year. After a two-year hiatus (the fifth season was released in 2019), he returns to the screens again. This time, the release date of the season about JoJo’s adventures called “Stone Ocean” is scheduled for the end of April 2021.

Interesting Fact | Release Date and Plot of JoJo Season 6 – Stone Ocean

The Storyline of The “Stone Ocean”

The plot of the animated series is based on the history of the Joestar family, beginning in the 18th century. Each family member is endowed with his own superpower, with the help of which he can stop evil and protect the world. In the first season, the viewer is introduced to the main characters: Jonathan and Joseph Joestar, Dio Brando, and others. The season consists of two parts, in each of which the conflict develops around Dio’s betrayal and confrontation.


The second season, which received a more positive response than the first, tells about the pre-war time and reveals the topic of superpowers in more detail. As a rule, each subsequent season became darker than the previous one. Introduced new characters and stands – the spiritual powers of heroes with superpowers.

Stone Ocean is based on the sixth issue of the manga. The action takes place in our time, in 2011. The main character, Jolene, is imprisoned as a result of a conspiracy against her father, Jotaro Kujo. She is hunted by Dio’s student, Enrico Pucci, who, like his teacher, is obsessed with the idea of ​​world domination. Jolene tries to escape from prison, however, in addition to Enrico, she is opposed by a Stand, which has human consciousness. In order for Jolyne to free herself and save her father, she is helped by other prisoners who also have superpowers.

Acting Characters

Jolene Kujo is the main character of the upcoming season and the only girl in the lead role in the series. She is the daughter of Jotaro Kujo but does not maintain any relationship with him after his divorce from his mother. However, in the new season, she saved him. She went to prison twice, her second term, and is dedicated to the sixth season. Possesses a powerful stand.

Jotaro Kujo – is the grandson of Joseph Joestar and first appears in the fourth part. In Part 6, when he arrives at Green Dolphine Street Prison to free his daughter. The Stand steals his memory and identity so that Jolene is forced to fight for her father’s life.


Enrico Pucci is a former Catholic priest who, under the influence of Dio Brando, chose the path of the villain. Several heroes of the main storyline are fighting against him at once. He changed three stands, each of which was used for villainous purposes.

White Snake is a stand that belongs to Enrico and has almost human consciousness. He has the ability to take the essence and stand of another person, which he does with Jotaro. Chases Jolene in jail.

Interesting Facts

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

First, the filmmakers tried to preserve the storyline, scenes, and dialogues from the manga as much as possible. The only thing that turned out to be changed was some scenes of cruelty: they had to be softened.

Secondly, in the manga, there is a shop called Lawson in Sendai, the birthplace of the author. On the 25th anniversary of the manga, a shop of the same name was opened in this Japanese city.

The filming of the television series takes place, surprisingly, in Spain.

What sets JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure apart from other major anime franchises is the relative independence of each story arc. The new volume and, as a consequence, the season of the anime, is dedicated to new characters and battles. Therefore, it is not necessary to start watching the series from the very beginning (although it is desirable): the essence of this will not be lost. However, looking for references to previous events in the new season is always fun.

The sixth part is considered to be the final one in the first anime universe while being the most plot-filled and dramatic. In the next parts of the manga, the restart of the old universe begins, which, obviously, will be followed by the directors.

Release Date of All Episodes of Season 6


The release dates for each of the upcoming anime episodes are not exactly known. Perhaps they will be released gradually. But there is a possibility that the creators will release the entire season on services such as Netflix. It is known for sure that there will be 38 episodes in total, which means that fans will not be bored.

The release date for the first episode is April 24th.

Latest Project News

David Production

Due to the pandemic, the release date of the sixth season was in question and was announced relatively recently. For a long time, David Production was engaged in side projects before proceeding to film adaptation of the next volume “JoJo”. It is known that Ai Fayroz will be engaged in the voice acting of Jolyne instead of the former Miyuki Sawashiro, who gave her voice to the heroine in the games. The new voice actress has long dreamed of getting a role in the series, having been a fan of the franchise for a long time, and now has achieved her dream. The upcoming episodes will be directed by Naokatsu Tsuda and written by Yasuko Kobayashi.

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