June 24, 2021

Netflix to Release Terminator Anime Series

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Stream service Netflix is ​​preparing an anime series based on “The Terminator”, writes Variety. Since the project is in its early stages of development, the details of the plot remain a secret. Netflix will be working on the show with Skydance, which produced the last two “Terminators” (“Dark Fate” flopped at the box office).

The Terminator:

Best movie role by Arnold Schwarzenegger In 2029, there is a war between humans and robots. Robots send a terminator to 1984 to kill a woman named Sarah Connor. This is necessary in order to prevent the birth of her son, who will lead the uprising against robots in the future. Kyle Rhys went there to stop the terminator.

Terminator Anime

“The Terminator is one of the iconic sci-fi stories ever made, and over time it has only grown more relevant to our world,” said John Derderian, vice president of anime at Netflix. “The new animated series explores this universe like never before. We can’t wait for fans to discover this amazing new chapter in the epic battle between machines and humans.”

Matson Tomlin will serve as showrunner and executive producer of the series. Most recently, Tomlin wrote the screenplay for the original Netflix film Project The Power.

The Terminator franchise proved to be financially successful. To date, six films have grossed more than $2 billion worldwide. Netflix previously unveiled a trailer for the Pacific Rim: Dark Zone anime, and in the fall announced the Godzilla: Special Point anime by Atsushi Takahashi (Blue Exorcist). The release of the project is scheduled for April.

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