June 24, 2021

My top ulitmate favorite anime characters

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Hi, all its time for the ultimate my top 4 favourite anime characters and I guess if you have been following me a lot, you would know that who is my characters are yup lets go ahead and daydream that I just had my birthday coming in 14th yup. It was a fun, exciting moment when you get showered with gifts. Manga more books and an iPad lol I am really gonna do a post just for my favourite iPad apps and also manga, but I can see where my favourites manga are gonna be lol yup ok let’s go ahead and see my animes.  

N1 Toru hondu 

Toru hondu is the main character in fruit basket she is sweet and shy after her mother’s passing she was all alone lived ina a tent and meet Sohma family that has secret she loves to cook and is really helpful to rest of the members. 

N2 izaku midoriya 

Is the main character in the series My hero academia also known MHA  he started as a high school boy who had the dream to be a hero like his idol all might want he might not be powerful? Still, he is really showing us that he can be strong-willed and smart well he ever became a hero! 

N3 Kyo sohma 

Kyo Sohma is one of the main characters of fruit basket and is part of Sohma family he is cursed under being a cat he is known to be Charismatic and hot-blooded if a bit socially awkward although a character who is cute and sweet in the heart.

N4 Senku Ishigami  

Senku is the main character of the dr stone series and is smart with science he loved he was also petrified before taju was because he kept reading a lot of science book he wants to establish the science kingdom.

All these characters are litterally my favorite and mean a lot to me  there are more and more but that this moment i have decided to only post four animes.

thank you for reading today blog post see you again 

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Same pinch alys!!Tohru honda is also my favourite character , she’s such an kind, caring and friendly. Very well written blog! Loved it!!!💝


I haven’t seen any of them so I can’t say much but Fruit Basket looks really cool. However I know that none of your fav characters will be mines 😐

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