June 24, 2021

My Top Seven Anime

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 Hello, everyone, I am excited to share with you my top 7 favourites, I keep getting asked what anime should I watch and decided to make this post yup anime makes s everyone smile currently awhile writing I felt the need to listen to this I heard my favourite lofi music ( post coming all about my favourites to listen)  

So this list is more personal and more like me completely my favorites i might or not mention your favorites.  

Here we go

N1 fruit basket

 Fruit basket is actually my favourite animes ever to be honest especially that how the anime is created and like storyline especially toru hondu she is like one of special main characters that i cant say enough about.   Lots of cute boys in each story but what is more interesting in my opinion is that not only its storyline is amazing has elments of fantasy and beyond magical kind of and slice of life ( darma) what is beautiful  about is the opening.  So defientely amazing anime to watch.

“My Happiness Comes From The Kindness Of Those Around Me.”

N2  Spirited away 

Spirited away is my first and anime that touched my heart beacuse I watched with my brother who introduced me to and to be honest It was anime that blew my mind and really made  the art the storyline i watched dubbed though but really is incredible the way its done. interesting enough it even got 2001 award.  

N3 hero acdemia 

Hero academia is one of my favorites animes to be honest i have a lot of hero shows inculding dc and marvel but this anime is just prefect example  of amazing especailly izuku midoriya who is really amazing the reason i think this anime is worth talking about is that  how  (quirkless)  (no power) izuku became smarter and stronger than all of us. In sense he followed his dream and that makes a better person in my opinion so that anime starts slow and ends up getting more intense throughout the seasons anime friendship forms.    Worth watch anime and defiently something i would say go ahead try.

N4 Death note 

Death note is a favorite anime of mine its short is thiller but it’s interesting why because of light he is amazing character that really blowed  my mime to be honest from a notebook an innocent highschool teenager to and interesting turn of events.  the character the story and how is it created is very interesting and worth watching 

N5. Dr stone 

dr stone is phenomenal is incredible and worth my time i love it science fiction to incredible of work of storyline what blowed my mine js incredible true too science i mean can we talk about how he went future and taught them how to do science. 

A true science fiction with no words to be said but wow 

N6.  Darwin game 

Darwin game is one my favorite phase fast series that i turly loved a small series with a turly small meaning yes the storyline is not that  good but what i loved is the action sense and definitely a bit of fighting a game to begin. worth a shot to try if you enjoy action and short spaced anime 

N7 Vinland saga 

Lets save one for the last the great anime the anime touched my heart a history person the action the storyline the characters the story and a character where all well done in short sense this anime is not only fun to watch but it indlufing interesting creative and worth watch to me it’s everything i hoped in anime.

Thank you everyone for taking the time my weekly blog posts  this times its my top 7 favorites anime comment below on your thoughts on it 

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Spirited away sounds cool gonna watch that next ✨


I agree with most of the animes and I took some to watch. Thank you

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