My Top 10 Handsome Anime Characters

Hello Alysers, so a little debate for December, which 10 handsome anime characters in my opinion.  To be honest everyone in anime are amazing but why not share my top 10 last starts.

The cute heroes of films have always made millions of girls fall in love with themselves, and this is understandable because behind them there are real actors. Top heroes are completely unique, and do not include a list of all the guys from “Naruto”.

After reading the article to the end, you will find out who became the “cherry on the cake” on this list! Also, be sure to tell us who, in your opinion, is the true handsome anime characters from the world of anime.

Top 10 Handsome Anime Characters

1. William T. Spears (Black Butler)

William T. Spears

William, to be honest, is something I would call Clean and neat, William is a tall handsome anime character with excellent posture. He has neatly combed brown hair and eyes that have a yellow-green hue. His rectangular-shaped glasses have decorative lines on the frames and give him the look of sophistication and calmness.

In general, it evokes the feeling of a self-sufficient person who knows his job. In general, William is that rare type of reaper, about whom in many ways you can say – “always”. Always combed, always calm, always cold.

2. Soma (Food Wars)


Is my absolute favorite he has read hair spiked smiles a lot and is very mysterious and just someone I would definitely love to look at every day.

3. Levi (Attack on Titan)

Let’s talk about Levi is that handsome anime character but diligent-looking guy that makes you wonder what did you do as a mistake do you really say he is not handsome in the fights. make him long strong enough.

Levi is a young, black-haired male in his 30s and 35s. Despite his small stature (160 cm), he has enviable physical strength and impressive ability to maneuver due to the developed muscles and excellent coordination in space. He wears a short hairstyle with a shaved head and bangs parted in a straight part.

Levi has blue-gray eyes and a piercing gaze. He constantly frowns and looks very stern, but due to his peculiar appearance, he seems younger than his age. When ordinary people first see Levi alive, they are often confused by the fact that in life the Strongest Warrior of Humanity looks too young and deprived of growth.

Levi is unpretentious in clothing, most often seen in the standard form of the Legion of Intelligence. On missions, he wears a green scout cloak over it. In everyday life, he wears a white jacket and dark trousers.

During the battle with the Female in Stooges, he briefly appeared in a suit and jacket. Later, after the proclamation of History, Reiss appears within the walls, like the other scouts, wearing a long, dark green, straight-cut cloak. On missions, his attire remained the same.

4. Sebastian (Dark Butler)


Sebastian must be added to this list because he is such a good-looking charismatic character that you want to meet his willingness smartness and smile makes you freaking dream that your in another world.’

Being a butler is a job he is fully dedicated to following Ciel’s orders. He enjoys challenging Ciel and does not seem to worry about his welfare from time to time, insulting and annoying him to see his reaction. However, there are times when he shows concern for Ciel’s life and health.

Sebastian Michaelis loves cats, stating that he cannot anticipate or control his own reactions and feelings in the presence of these animals.

As a demon, he is a ruthless sadist and manipulator towards his opponents, and he is also intrigued by the behavior of people, as he finds them interesting due to greed, anger, envy, and other vices.

5. Rin Okumura (Blue Exorcist)

Rin Okumura

Can we speak about handsome anime character his cute smile made me feel I am living in another world.  he is really is my favorite his demon side and human makes a perfect combination of what he is. 

Rin Okumura is a 15-year-old son of Satan himself, born from his relationship with an ordinary woman. His powers at birth were sealed in the demonic sword Kurikara and for many years Rin Okumura did not know about his real essence, but over the years the sword ceased to contain his power and he began to burn with a blue flame, thereby giving a sign to Satan.

6. Kyo Sohma (Fruit Basket)

Kyo Sohma is dear to my heart because his looks and his personality are technically my favorite his smile and his red ginger hair that looks upon everyone.

7. Gray (Fairy Tale)

Gray is not only laid back but loyal to his fellow comrades he can be strong but sweet at times his black hair with a look on his face is just insanely amazing.

8. Sasuke (Naruto)

Sasuke do I really need to even write about him he is such a great look and just someone that you should look at every single day.

The purposeful, confident guy was at first a rather kind boy with dark, disheveled hair. They were not below the chin in length, at least in childhood. In addition, the boy got black eyes and fair skin. The opposite sex has always been interested in this handsome guy.

9. Katsuki Bakugo (My hero academia)

Katsuki is actually one of my favorites due to the series lets call a fantastic character with someone who can actually him he is a hero with spiker hair and an incredible face.

10. Natsu (Fairy Tail)

Thank you for reading lets know down below what do you think? 

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