Hunter x Hunter Is Coming Back

Hunter x Hunter Is Coming Back, Confirmed By One Punch Man Creator

The creator of Hunter x Hunter, Yoshihiro Togashi, tweeted that the series would be returning after a tweet went viral allegedly from the creator himself. Hunter x Hunter is one of the most popular shonen manga series of all time.

A Tweet has gone viral in the Japanese Twitter community, coming from a new Twitter account. There is a tweet with the text ‘four more chapters for the time being’ and a picture of a paper depicting a rough drawing of a manga panel. The Tweet has gathered more than 200k likes in just a matter of hours, but as the account was created only recently, there is still no confirmation whether it belongs to the creator of Hunter x Hunter or not, until it was confirmed by the author of One Punch Man.

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Yasuke Murata, the author of One Punch Man, also follows this Twitter handle, which lends some credibility to this Tweet. In addition, they retweeted the tweet with the caption “I was with the person myself”.

Source: One Punch Man Author 

The above retweet pretty much confirms that the Hunter x Hunter manga series will return. There is no information on the exact release date of the new manga chapters. 

There hasn’t been a new chapter of Hunter x Hunter since 2018, so it’s been almost 4 years since the manga went on hiatus. The fact that Togashi will return for four chapters is still a welcome development for fans. It is still unknown when the anime series will return.

Due to health issues of Togashi, the popular manga series has previously taken many breaks. As a result of a chronic, debilitating back condition, the series creator has been unable to draw for years now.

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