June 24, 2021

How to reach your GOAL TODAY?

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Hi everyone,

A lot of questions i keep getting asked how do i reach a goal well I cant give an answer to this question.

There are lots of ways to start with this, the concept of an objective is quite different than we hope for since there are many reasons why I believe something that should always study in our future. Is the reason for tranquility it gives the way of knowing our goals with a clear understanding of our indulging exact hopes, from time to time it’s very important to understand, That goal gives you a sense of being organized.

As you grow deeper you have to work harder to achieve a stronger understanding of how anything works, it’s logical it is very excessive to know more, For example, the more you post in Instagram the more it is going to get you more followers and yes it is quite important to use stories, but let’s not get on Instagram and algothrim 2020 shall we? so in light of this issue, I believe if you have to write your goal.

regardless you have an anime Instagram or blog you need to make sure your goal is simple as that. working hard and following insturactions down is the list of what you can get. dont forget to read all so you can get a frebbie yay checklist

my plan to better

What is the goal you ask?

You may ask why a list what is a list yazia why should I do it I mean irritating. It is funny how things you can’t explain you have to do let’s say you go to work and you forget to bring in your fruits or books to read you will be so annoyed that you can’t think ahead because it is an easy way not take 5 minutes of your time to do that. In your day, my goal, for example, is to show you that an easy way to start your dreams is by sitting in a desk and write a list.

Important Goals

  • Time goals: That is specifically just for a schedule to deliver.
  • Focus goals: The goals that help to achieve tracking towards significant futuristic goals
  • Topic-based goal: goals that have done on specific topics{e.g. Professional artistic and so on}

Lets start now with list :

Here is the list:

  • Use a notebook
  • Goal cheat ( Link down to download)
  • Always think and read before you plan anything
  • There are many resources for you to learn how to do
  • Even if its holiday try to make your go

Examples of real life situation

Let us start with real-life examples: There are many objects in life, sometimes I feel with a basic lesson like let’s say; your suppose to travel tomorrow, but when you reached the airport you were surprised that your wallet isn’t with you. That makes anyone talk to themselves with being upset. Making a simple list with something as necessary as a list can help your life not be life-consuming. It is an obvious way to know that life is a train that never stops. Sometimes confusing results like this make us understand that simple idea. I think to understand what going on around us; we need to have a list or journal to make sure that we think ahead. For example, I won’t be able to write this blog post without an outline.

Even when we have physical hardship, we can be very happy

Dalai lama

I remember as a child I use to refuse to do anything with goals with a list but like this, my official side hustle I am making sure that not only I use the morning to work on my blog posts but to make sure before opening social media.


I have to to work in about 500 words an hour and continue with 2000 words. To teach the readers and you the audience to understand why should you do this and that, I have a question for you might need to write this down, why would you not make a goal and list of it do you think you can move forward with your day, let me tell you, It’s impossible to think about


It’s so easy when you think it can be hard. Still, it’s not setting a goal can be easy as when you write a list on your phone. For example, if your horse rider and you wake up every morning to feed the horses that you have at your stable, you technically need to wake up 6 am to do that I mean let me tell you it accessible to the thing that you cant. Still, if you don’t wake up and feed them, then you can ride them so this how it works you won’t be able to study you won’t be able to do anything at all if you don’t think about and work on it.

How I set my goal

How I set my goals you may ask ? easy answer it is to understand why would i do that and what the reason. Ok so you are hear to learn right well i am here to teach you let us go on with it.

it is always logical to know that goal setting is important, now how i do it well easy peasy.

  • I work on writing in my journal every day when I wake up to check my day
  • I use apps for example reminders on my phone
  • utilize notes and sites like Trello to myself


Goals are something to consider and never forget about my last word of advice to finish with this is:

Always consider planning ahead no matter what you feel it is something i think that teaches you how to wait.

Today and tomorrow and the day after might be a mere fraction on something so simple and so exciting. Still, creating an environment can help us manage the fated days ahead, so work more create enjoy I think with just this simple list and the checklist you’re getting well make you an organized and more efficient person.


Thank you all for reading this blog post i hope you enjoyed reading as much as loved writing

comment below on your thoughts ? would love to hear from you

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Can’t tell how much helpful that is going to be,will use every single one of you your advice!!Great work 👍

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