June 24, 2021
Demon Slayer

Five Facts on Demon Slayer

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Hello, Alysers, so it is the second month of this blog, and I have been creating for awhile many blog posts, so thank you for the tremendous support I have gotten from you all.

Let’s start with simple five facts on demon slayer. Sometimes we all need facts and facts start with simple Demon Slayer is one of the anime that surpassed spirited away which is fantastic. Demon Slayers are the main characters in the battle between humans and demons, but that doesn’t mean you know everything about them.

Five Facts on Demon Slayer

The Demon Slashing Blade, more commonly referred to as simply the Blade, is an anime mainly about guys killing evil demons so that everyone can eventually lead a peaceful life. In the very center of this battle with demons are, in fact, the demon slayers.

Obviously, their main goal is to protect people from the attack of demonic forces. It is not a government or a legal organization, but it has hundreds of assassins who work tirelessly day and night to slay demons. Although they are the focus of the anime, not all of their motives are explained in detail.

let’s celebrate that by sharing facts.


Here are some facts that may surprise you!

1. Tanjiro Becomes a Demon


In one part of the series, we see Tanjiro becomes a demon after an epic fight with Muzan transfers all his extraordinary power to Tanjiro (that surprised me).

2. Kagaya And Muzan Might Be From The  Same Family

Kagaya and Muzan

Although not explicitly stated, the manga clearly implies that Muzan and Kagaya are related to each other. Kagaya says that his bloodline was cursed because of a demon. This demon was the “Primal Demon”, which can be interpreted as the first of its kind. Fans know that Muzan is the first demon in history, so it makes sense that Muzan comes from the Ubuyashiki clan.

It’s not stated as such, but manga applies that they may be related (this not 100% true)

3. Some Demon Slayer is cursed with a mark to

Tanjiro is the most prominent example of a demon slayer who has a mark on his face. However, he is not the only one. Demon Slayers have certain prerequisites for receiving this sign, including experiencing the experience of closeness to death, when their body temperature and heart rate are significantly below certain values.

4. The Abilities of the Mark


One of them gets the posses of mark receives the ability to see blood and the dead living.

5. They’re Made From Scarlet Ore (the demon sword) 

the demon slayer

They are made of scarlet ore and are just fictional it can be found in a mythical mountain called sunlight.

Thank you all for reading today see you next time.

What fact Has surprised you?

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Really intresting didn’t know that Tanjiro has become a demon, this promise a lot for the future of anime, cool post 👍

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