Alysworlds members rules

Hi Alysers! We want everyone to have the finest and most pleasurable experience possible at AlysWorlds! To accomplish this, we ask that you read the following regulations carefully and obey them.

Please act in a way that creates a good, enjoyable, and welcoming environment. We don’t allow members who try to get around the rules by exploiting loopholes.

General Rules

A. Respect yourself and your fellow members. We will not accept discrimination, hate speech, racial insults, harassment, toxicity, inciting fights, or trolling.

a. Members’ personal boundaries should be respected. If a member requests that you cease bothering them, please comply, otherwise staff will take action!

b. Staff reserve the right to take necessary action if they receive repeated complaints from multiple members or if you are judged unhealthy for the community.

B. Please do not try to take advantage of or misuse any of AlysWorlds’ services or rules.

C. The Discord Terms of Service and Community Guidelines apply here in full.

a. Discord TOS:

b. Community Guidelines:

Malicious Activity

A. Scamming and phishing through AlysWorlds is strictly prohibited.

B. Spamming (text, bots, images, emojis, etc.) is not permitted. Flooding, line posting, mass pinging, and lengthy messages are all examples of this.

C. Don’t bypass any word filter. Check out the topics that can and cannot be discussed in the server.


A. Discussion of any conversational topics ( religion and politics etc.) is not allowed

B. Solve drama and issues privately don’t try to provoke/bait/spread drama arguments or bring outside drama into chat

C. Please keep the negativity out of the server.
a. Excessive discussion about self-harm depression is not allowed. You can use #deleted-channel to speak a bit about it without being too excessive.

D. Do not post images/ personal information of members without their permission ( this will cause a permanent ban from the server).

E. No NSFW or disturbing content in any form. This includes porn, gore, fetish, nudity, and anything suggestive in nature.

F. Each channel has a specific topic. Please keep your conversation relevant to each channel. Check pinned messages for rules specific to a channel

Punishment Policy

Failure to follow the following rules will result in one of four possible punishments, with each member responsible for the rule-breaking action receiving a strike. Based on the rule that was broken, the severity of the infraction, and the number of strikes the rule-breaking member has accrued, the appropriate punishment will be delivered.

  1. Warning + (optional demotion).
  2. Mute + Demotion from current rank within AlysWorlds.
  3. Temporary 24 hour ban from the AlysWorlds community.
  4. Permanent ban from AlysWorlds server.

Appeals Process

If you would like to appeal a warn or a ban from the AlysWorlds’ server, please talk to a staff moderator to ask for the process.

I hope we can all enjoy ourselves together in the Discord server!

See you there!

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