Hi everyone! I’m so excited to announce the upcoming challenge that will be happening this fall. You can expect some really exciting challenges, plus you’ll get an excuse for free entrance in our excuslive announcement coming soon which is a community site like discord

What the challenge is ?

We are always looking for new family who want to share their opinions on anime and manga and movie with the world This challenge will be fun because anyone can take part, you’ll get weekly newsletters that give guidelines of what the challenge is or photo/blog posts we expect from each person entered into this contest (weekly winners announced every Sunday) so there’s no excuse not show up! You can see the challenge on your newsletter every day on what it is

Why join the challenge

Well there many reasons to join a challenge first

  • Its unique
  • Its fun
  • You can share your writing
  • Its members only
  • Its free
  • An ecuslive members only
  • Excuslive ebooks and resources page with only 5$ dollars (well be explain below what you get)

Our challenge rule

1. Pick an anime, movies and kdarma that you haven’t seen before

2. Watch the first episode

3. Decide if you’re going to continue watching it or not

4. If you decide to continue watching, watch until you finish the series

5. Rate it on a scale of 1-10

6. Write a short review of the anime

7. Repeat steps 1-6 for a total of 10 different animes

8. Share your experience with the community!

how can you join

  • Follow us in all social media and turn on all notifications for further info
  • subcribe to our newseletter coming (21 of september for early acess)
  • join our fb group ( well be announced on our social media by september 21)
  • We will be having a special page for to apply to our future events

how can you help?

  • Support us in kofi
  • Help us buying getting our merchandise
  • helps us in our store
  • share share share
  • spread the word
  • Have fun
  • be yourself

Our libary

upcoming private community, perfect for bloggers!
We’re excited to announce that our resources library will be available in December and we’ll have excuslive journals books , even pdfs (and some guide on anime). There are also membership places where you can find amazing content including the founder’s blog posts with questions answered by her personally–she well answer everything from how-tos all of way serious inquiries into whatever strange interest pops up mail box – no matter what it may concern; whether its something simple like “I’m bored” or more complicated

Our last challenge

Our last challenge was a success which was only anime 30 days altough this time we are bring up back more stuff and her is our fam who joined us

Thats it folks for all today but before you go dont forget to subcribe to our newsletter for updated news on the challenge and many more

question for you are you excited about this challenge let us know down bellow

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