June 24, 2021

A Letter to Tanjiro

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Hello, Alysers I am excited to share a small series to write a letter to fav anime characters why not make this the cause of interest yup I can see what your all thinking—writing a letter to a favorite anime character. So firstly, we discuss Tanjiro as a character.


Tanjiro is the protagonist of The Demon Slasher Blade. He has a kind character, he always goes ahead, regardless of obstacles. Especially if it helps a loved one. He always helps everyone and often turns to other people for help. Because of his good nature, he empathizes even with demons, but this does not prevent him from being brave, brave, and strong in spirit.

Tanjiro Wallpaper

The guy grew up in the mountains with other sisters and brothers. As the eldest of the Kamado, he took care of the younger ones, helped and protected them. He made money for his family by selling firewood. After the death of his family, he became a demon hunter, despite the demonic nature of his younger sister. Now he travels with her in the hope that her sister will become human again.


Upon awakening the mark of the demon slayer, it significantly increases its reaction, strength, and speed. Masterfully applies ten styles of sword fighting. When necessary, uses the technique “Dance of the Fire God”, which becomes more destructive under the influence of Nezuko’s blood. Tanjiro has a heightened sense of smell and increased stability.

Writing a letter to a favorite anime character: 

Dear Tanjiro:

Thank you for being alive in demon slayer you got it you have become a better hero you made me move forward to show the world what can I do. Your swashbuckling skills throughout your life are outstanding and still is you conquered a lot of things you are a sweet one, and you love your sister you carried her and helped.   you’re a bother that everyone wishes for. Your assertive responsibility behavior and thoughts make us all want to have.

I can’t express how amazing you are and what you have become.

I can’t be more honest and say that you even conquered kinda these demon slayers the secrets that we found out.

Your one of kind demon slayer.

Thank you for reading today blog post 


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