A Guide To Watch One Piece Without Filler

Hi, Alysers! I’m excited to share with you this guide to watch One Piece without filler!

One Piece is one of the longest running manga and anime. Understandably, this means that some episodes are considered as fillers by some people. And so in this article, I will advise you on how you can watch One Piece without having to deal with a single filler!

Let’s get to it!

Knowing One Piece

The anime of One Piece was first released in 1999, and it’s still ongoing to this day. This means that it has 22 years worth of content that you have to rummage through.

It follows the story of Monkey D. Luffy, who aims to become the King of all pirates. As he went along his quest, he met allies and friends along the way, namely:

  • Roronoa Zolo, a swordsman
  • Nami, a greedy thief
  • Usopp, a skilled liar and inventor
  • Sanji, a warrior cook
  • Chopper, a deer and a physician
  • Robin, a former member of Baroque Works

Together, they work to track down One Piece, also known as the greatest treasure the world has ever known. Although Luffy does not fit the typical persona of a pirate, and there are times when he seems a tad too wide-eyed, this enables him to push through when times are tough.

Of course, as known to most, the anime follows the story of the manga, as written Eiichiro Oda. The anime is largely faithful to the manga, although there are times when it rearranged or lightly altered the storyline.

Understanding The Fillers of One Piece

It is worthy of note that Toei animation added original content to the series, which fans famously identify as “fillers.” They add continuity to the source material, but they don’t really have any impact on the overall storyline.

So, don’t get us wrong. This doesn’t mean that you should avoid fillers like the plague. They are, after all, still made with the same quality of the other episodes. It’s just that some viewers would prefer to watch the anime without having to deal with any additional content.

At the time of this writing, the One Piece anime has 103 reported filler episodes. That means that 11% of the entire series is made up of fillers.

The Current Fillers and Filler Arcs of One Piece

Here’s a list of the filler arcs of One Piece:

Filler ArcList of Episodes
Warship Island Arc54-61
Post-Arabasta Arc131-135
Goat Island Arc136-138
Ruluka Island Arc139-143
G-8 Arc196-206
Ocean’s Dream Arc220-224
Foxy’s Return Arc225-226
Ice Hunter Arc326-335
Spa Island Arc382-384
Little East Blue Arc426-429
Z’s Ambition Arc575-578
Caesar Retrieval Arc626-628
Silver Mine Arc747-750
Marine Rookie Arc780-782
Cidre Guild Arc895-896

Meanwhile, here are the individual episodes that are considered fillers:

  • 98
  • 99
  • 102
  • 279
  • 280
  • 281
  • 282
  • 283
  • 291
  • 292
  • 303
  • 317
  • 318
  • 319
  • 457
  • 458
  • 492
  • 542
  • 590
  • 907

There are also episodes which are considered mixed filler/canon. This means that the story of that episodes is both obtained from the source material and added to.

The following episodes are considered mixed filler/canon:

  • 46-47
  • 61
  • 68-69
  • 354
  • 421
  • 489
  • 520
  • 633
  • 653
  • 657
  • 679
  • 690
  • 731
  • 738
  • 751
  • 777-778
  • 789
  • 803
  • 807
  • 878-879
  • 881-885
  • 887-890
  • 915
  • 924
  • 934
  • 985
  • 989
  • 991-992

How To Watch One Piece Without Filler

All you have to do is skip all aforementioned episodes. That way, you can watch One Piece without fillers!

Whether you leave out the mixed episodes is up to you. Just remember: part of their story is still considered canon!

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