June 24, 2021

6 Myths about anime

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Hello everyone, I am excited to share with you the 6 myths about anime yup lets talk about this 

some of these myths are known a lot by you all but some of these myths are eye opening and you just why on the world are They even exist.

not here to judge but here to tell you 

N1 Anime is for kids 

Anime is not only for kids beacuse of dark and categories there is hunderds of animes different genre with different ideas  There are animes like demon slayer paryste and fruit basket even attack on titan that are not considered even for kids j mean why would say someone say that.


N2 Anime fans dont do anything but watch anime 

That is not true as an anime blogger who has been the industry for two years and more I can honestly say that is not true I have spoken to many fans who follow me who are doctors and professional in their field and or in school or university anime doesn’t stop anyone from  doing otherwise stuff like reading or different sport.

N3 Anime is hentai 

yes there are anime that genre of hentai  but that doesnt mean all anime is beacuse even like in west there are content that are for adults but doesnt anyone tell me that your watch that based on watch shows like the arrow no bescuse it’s different  anime has choice of genre 

N4  Anime is for paedophiles and perverts

Why would this be considered that dont judge a anyone by someone who went to prison due to watching certain entertainment we All know this.  

anime is not responsible for certain individuals who behave badly in society for watching entertainment. 

N5  anime isnt popular like western film 

Anime is not popular contrary to this fact there hunderds of anime lovers out there who watch anime also with covid we notice a lot of fans joining and watching i do get a lot of dms on what to watch because they are new.

N6 anime is just for Japanese

Anime is not only for japense can you say the kdarama is just for koreans beacuse thousands of people watch it. i would say no beacuse its entertainment 

What are other myths have you heard about anime comment below ? 

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“Anime is for kids ” is the biggest myth of all time !!. Also the anime myth I’ve most heard is “female otakus are myth” atleast where I live.

Adarsh Singh

In India,
The biggest Myth is “Anime is Cartoon.”


The first one, such a well known stereotype like anime is for kids, I always reply disney is for kids but you love thoses films so why not anime ? Thanks Alys for this post !


for me anime has educate me since now, and I’m still learning about the lessons, also anime is for all types.. “Don’t estimate anime, anime has a huge value that you never knew”……

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