June 24, 2021
6 Legendary Anime That Beat Manga

6 Legendary Anime That Beat Manga

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Hello, Alysers, I am excited to share with you the 6 Legendary Animes That Beat Manga.

There will be no “Gintama” or “Hellsing” because for such comparisons we will be punished by the Japanese gods. But there will be others: those whose steepness, if not plugged the grandparents by the belt, then at least made them full-fledged competition. And this is not easy: in fact, the world of the imagination, stirred up by anime manga, should deliver better quality content to the brain than the most selective animators.

6 Legendary Anime That Beat Manga



First, the music from Hiroyuki Sawano. Secondly, in the anime, there is much more Sasha – the very girl who loves potatoes. After all, one cannot remain indifferent to a person who chooses to eat in any situation!

But seriously, anime, for example, reveals the past of the characters in more detail and earlier – in the manga it manifests itself mainly in the form of flashbacks, and from the childhood of Mikasa and Eren. We immediately jump to graduation from the military school. Even the first attack and that very scene with Eren’s mother in the manga appears much later. Well, “one-shot shooting” of battles and flights with the effect of immersion is an unambiguous test.


Post-apocalypse, to the emergence of which the naked and smiling Titans had a hand. People hid from them behind a wall, and this was enough for several hundred years. During this time, the guards managed to relax, and the people lived happily ever after. But sometimes the monsters return, eating tasty two-legged ones on their way. As a result, half of humanity is dead, and freshly trained youth stand up to protect the survivors. Naturally, in the end, it turns out that everything in this story is not so simple.


As a rule, Shonen Jump’s manga is much better than its anime version. Take the same “Big Jackpot“: the adaptation turned out to be legendary and does not even reach the level of the manga. And even “Dragon Balls“: a classic that can be safely used in textbooks for anime. Still, the book is better.

That is why we decided not to deprive the “Saga of the Three Kings” of a place of honor in our collection. Here everything is the other way around: the “book” turned out to be definitely worse. The manga quickly received a yellow card from fans with the words “no longer a cake“. Readers have complained, for example, that all thoughtful moves have slipped into battle for the sake of battle.


A street bully enters the world of the dead by pulling a little boy out from under the wheels. What confuses the local pay-as-you-go system: he seemed to behave so-so, but the transcript for the rescued child overrides a lot. And if you cannot solve the problem, return it to the world of the living! So Yusuke becomes a detective of the world of the dead, gets supernatural abilities to fight demons and is engaged in standard tasks for the Shinen genre: looking for treasures, participating in tournaments, etc.



Only now we are not talking about the “fresh” nine years ago, but about the 1999 anime. The same old school, in which a godic soundtrack, incredible animation, and an unearthly atmosphere. Yes, perhaps the story is not fully conveyed there, but the presentation compensates for this in full. What can not be said about the 2011 version: everything is in the manga and almost without gaps, but the effect of the introduction of the Hunters into the world is not felt.


The world of the Hunters is similar to ours, only with mixed continents and even stranger animals. The hunters themselves are such handymen who can search for animals, and treasures, and kill someone unnecessary on order. They have a bunch of benefits from the state, almost like Muscovites. Therefore, everyone wants to be them, but not many can. But Gon Freecs was lucky (in some way), so he has a Hunter license and the title of the main character in anime and manga. And, of course, a ton of adventures.



First of all, we are talking about the first season of the anime, because not falling in love with it is a great sin and a crime against art. But we try to be objective, so we admit that the statics of manga is not very inferior to animation. By some miracle, Yusuke Murata made the images on the paper almost move, like the illustrations in the Harry Potter newspapers.

And yet the animators tried their best, so the action scenes of the bloody showdown turned out to be even cooler. Not to mention the fondness with which the creators of the anime reacted to the atmosphere and jokes, throwing several scenes beyond those prescribed in the manga. By the way, what makes this anime even more special is the fact that it is an adaptation of an adaptation: the manga was born from a webcomic, in case someone had time to forget.


A bald guy with one blow can dunk any opponent, but no one attaches importance to this, because he is very modest. But in general, living with such a power is rather boring, but you can ridicule all the superhero cliches that exist in our galaxy.



In general, the choice here is really difficult. From the events of JoJo, the feeling does not leave that the creators have completely gone cuckoo. Everything seems to be good: drama, fights, and then a hoba – and the vampire drops a skating rink on the enemy. Or the main character shoots with his nails.

The anime is actually pretty close to the “historical truth” in all the existing parts. Well, maybe sometimes the manga reveals the stories in more detail, but that’s the norm. Therefore, we found a small, but still an advantage in something else.

The main feature of the paper brainchild of the mangaka Hirohito Araki is drawing: unreal viewing angles, strange postures, inhuman muscles of the main characters. And that in itself is pretty cool. But in the anime, acid colors and strange movements of the characters are added to all this, which makes it irresistible. All of this has spawned a fierce wave of references and memes in other anime. And even more false references, when the spirit of JoJo is seen in everything.


The stories of the cycle “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” are connected only by the belonging of the main characters to the Joestar family, a birthmark in the shape of a star, JoJo’s initials and rather strange superpowers. Otherwise, each part is completely independent. The Adventure Universe is almost like ours, only with some supernatural assumptions. For example, people can turn their spiritual forces into humanoid stands, and there is also a ham: no, this is not the one that is prohibited, this is another embodiment of strength.



The inconvenient truth about the plot of both manga and anime is that it’s actually not all that bombastic. That is, in the beginning it is, of course, a cannon, an extravaganza, and we also want such a notebook! But with each new arch, there are more and more questions, and fewer and fewer answers. As well as logic with deep meaning. But all this is striking first of all in the manga, because the anime perfectly covers the flaws with the general suspense, drawing and intensity of passions. Misa, again, is pretty.

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