10 Reasons Why People Think Anime is For Kids and Why It’s Not

Hi, Alysers! In this article, we are going to look at 10 reasons why people think anime is for kids. We will then disprove their assumptions by explaining why it’s not.

There is the common notion that anime is for kids. However, we as anime fans know that this is not true. In fact, anime caters to a wide range of ages, and there is always something for everyone. It can even be argued that for the most part, most anime are directed towards teenagers and adults.

And so we may wonder, where did this notion come from in the first place? Here are 10 reasons why people think anime is for kids, and learn exactly why it’s not.

1. People think anime is for kids because it is founded on animation

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The very word “anime” comes from “animation,” so people associate anime with the typical animation that they see. For the most part, these are cartoons that they see on Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, or Nickolodeon. Accordingly, cartoons are marketed towards kids.

And so, when people see anime, they immediately think of cartoons. Because of this, they automaticall assume that it’s made for kids.

2. People think anime is for kids because the fans dress up in costumes

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The term “cosplay” is no longer foreign to us. It’s a whole sub-culture of anime that gains attention and criticism alike. Casual bystanders tend to think that anime fans who dress up in costumes are very childish. After all, it’s somewhat akin to dressing up for Halloween. It’s excusable when it happens once a year, but it’s another thing to do it frequently for anime conventions.

What’s interesting though is that these same people dress up with Star Wars outfits when they go to Disneyland. At the end of the day, this argument is then rooted in personal biases.

3. A lot of people are more familiar with anime like Pokemon and Dragon Ball

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Anime like Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, and Doraemon went on to become famous worldwide. Now, while these anime are catered towards children, they are quality shows. Nevertheless, because of their fame, a lot of people have begun to associate anime with shows for children.

4. Some fans can get caught up in childish arguments

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If we’re being honest, the arguments that anime fans engage in can be quite childish. You have people arguing over who should be the “best girl” and why this character is better than that character. Sometimes, they can take this argument to the next level, with them throwing personal insults at each other.

Now, don’t get me wrong. This kind of engagement is common with any show. However, anime fans tend to get extra flack because of it.

5. Certain scenes are cut from Western releases

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Did you know that certain countires actually censor the anime that they show to their audience? For example, we have Sakura Cardcaptor. The version released to Western markets actually had a lot of scenes cut out. The original, Japanese version showed unrequited love and a questionable relationship between two characters. It also had a darker undertone.

Meanwhile, the version released in America was very tamed, excluding these scenes. Because of this, anime tends to be perceived as vanilla; that is, made for kids.

6. People think anime is for kids because they are not aware of the stories

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People think that anime is just about going on adventures and catching monsters. They don’t realize that anime tackles more serious themes, like trauma, bullying, life, and death. This lack of awareness shapes their idea of anime being for kids.

7. People who insist that anime is for kids are usually close-minded

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People tend to bring their preconceived notions into anime. They don’t want to open their mind to the possibility that anime could be smart, meaningful, and substantial. Because they are stuck with their concepts, they cannot accept that anime isn’t just for kids.

8. People think anime is for kids because most shows end on a positive note

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Most anime series tend to focus on good ideas. For instance, they center on the concept that everything is possible and that everything works out for the good ideas.

Some people think that these ideas are childish and unrealistic. Accordingly, they think that anime is for kids. What they fail to realize is that these shows are meant to be encouraging and positive. Regardless of the age, everyone could use a little hope and light.

9. The art style of anime can cause people to think it’s childish

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You know the classic anime style, with the big eyes and chibi cutesy features? As anime fans, we find these details appealing. They make anime stand out, and they don’t necesarily mean that anime as an art is childish. However, casual viewers think of anime style as too cute.

10. People think anime is for kids because they just jump on the bandwagon

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People who think that anime is for kids actually never gave anime a chance. They just hopped on the bandwagon of wrong notions. Because many others assert that anime is for kids, they go on to say the same.

Why is anime NOT just for kids?

Anime is an art form, and it caters to a wide demographic. That’s why we have genres like shounen, shoujo, seinen, and josei. Teenagers, young adults, and even people in their 70s are known to watch anime. It has a plethora of stories, involving romance, tragedy, and life in general.

Anime is nuanced, and it tackles themes that matter even for adults. In fact, many anime go on to follow the stories of adults. Because of this, we cannot say that anime is just for kids.

Do you agree with my 10 reasons why people anime is for kids? Was there any that I missed?

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